Jining high tech Zone: big project injects new kinetic energy for "three pioneering"

In November 11th, Jining high tech Zone held the ceremony of the fourth quarter major project in 2017. On the same day, a total of 20 key projects, including Hongxing Aegean Sea complex and Shandong Ming De construction machinery, were launched, with a total investment of 12 billion 470 million yuan, covering new fields, high-end equipment, health care, energy saving and environmental protection.

This major project began to focus on the investors both inside and outside the province well-known enterprises, has the industry leading enterprises, the investment of construction project strong driving effect and good comprehensive benefits, growth potential, to speed up the production integration of the city economy development, modernization will play an important supporting role.

From the industry classification, the focus on 20 major projects started, industrial projects accounted for 85% of the equipment manufacturing industry, new materials industry project 7, project 4, the big health care industry services project 3, project 2, energy saving and environmental protection projects 1, especially the third generation of new materials, Zhongguancun Toyama nano science and technology, Hualong Shandong traditional Chinese medicine preparation, the heart of high-end textile mills differential fiber and a number of new industries, new formats to accelerate aggregation, has a leading role better on regional transformation and development.

From the project scale, the construction investment of more than 500 million yuan in 9 projects, accounting for 45% of the total project, and in recent years has been greatly improved compared with the landing project, such as investment of 3 billion 200 million yuan of Huaneng 2 * 350MW "big pressure on the small" cogeneration project, 1 billion 500 million yuan Meikailong Aegean Sea city complex 1 billion 100 million yuan, the holy land of intelligent power industry base project, with good market prospects, high degree of industrial linkage, the characteristics of radiation driving ability etc..

From the project benefit, 17 industrial projects completed and put into production will realize an annual sales income of 13 billion 360 million yuan, profits of 1 billion 770 million yuan, the third generation of new materials especially the project will bring chips, components and other related industries gathered hundreds of billions of dollars, the environmental protection industry base construction project will build a new environmental protection research integration base, to enhance the core competitiveness of the regional industry will play an important role in promoting.

This year is 25th anniversary of Jining high tech Zone Construction Zone, which has entered a new era of "three pioneering". Jining high tech Zone to guide the development of economy and the energy transfer, the investment and construction project as the two wings of economic development, innovation of the leading industry + park investment promotion mechanism, opened the "One District ten Park" industrial framework, raised to the project, grasping the project boom. In the first 10 months, the Jining hi tech Zone talked about 69 projects, 60 billion yuan in intent, 26 in signing contracts, 29 billion yuan in foreign capital, and 32 billion 600 million yuan in fixed assets, accounting for 84% of the annual plan, which has injected new vitality into the economic and social development.