The rare earth industry in China is changing the situation of "excavating soil and selling soil"

"The transformation and upgrading of the rare earth industry is obvious, and is changing the situation of 'excavating soil and selling soil'." The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China's rare earth main origin of Baotou City Vice Mayor He Weihua said that the party's eighteen years, state and local government introduced a number of supportive policies to promote the transformation and upgrading of rare earth industry, the initial formation of Baotou rare earth permanent magnet, polishing, hydrogen storage alloy, catalytic, five industry chain.

The "rare earth capital" Baotou rare earth proven industrial reserves of 43 million 500 thousand tons, accounting for 38% of the world, accounting for 83% of the country. In recent years, efforts to extend the rare earth industry chain, showing the characteristics of clustering, high-end and autonomy. At present, 106 rare earth enterprises in the city have 85 new materials and terminals, forming a complete industrial system of mining, smelting, R & D, deep processing and utilization. Last year, the total output value of the rare earth industry in the city reached 15 billion yuan.

He Weihua said that in recent years, the Ministry of industry and information, the national rare earth production command plan of 100 thousand tons per year, Baotou accounts for about half. In 2015, Baotou was listed as the pilot city to upgrade transformation of the national rare earth industry, local technology innovation to lead the development of rare earth industry, the introduction of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Baotou rare earth research and development center, Shanghai Jiaotong University Baotou Research Institute of materials, makes a number of enterprises through technological innovation to develop, a number of new technology, new products, new projects is accelerating the development and successful transformation, the initial formation of the rare earth permanent magnet, polishing, hydrogen storage alloy, catalytic, five industrial chain, build up from mining, processing, separation, processing of rare earth industry technology application materials.

The head of the Ministry of industry and material industry, 28, was introduced at the Ninth China Baotou rare earth industry forum. At the end of last year, the State Council set up the leading group of national new material industry development, which made our new material industry ushered in the spring of development. New rare earth materials is an important part of China's new materials industry in recent years, the industry continues to expand the scale of the industry last year, total operating income of nearly 90 billion yuan, rare earth luminescence, catalytic main materials increased by more than 10%, more than 80% of the total global magnetic materials; innovation ability steadily, has 13 national rare earth materials engineering center and key the main laboratory of functional materials using the downstream products can basically meet the new energy vehicles, such as wind power demand, and gradually enter the international mainstream market.

The country's only national high-tech zone named rare-earth resources -- Baotou rare earth high tech Industrial Development Area, has increased from 3736 tons in 2013 to 16601 tons last year, an increase of 344%. Deputy Secretary General Zhang Anwen said China society of rare earths, the rare earth functional materials in China production technology has been leading the world, especially the rare earth permanent magnet materials for EMU, high-speed rail, subway, trolley bus, ship robot motor used in areas such as motor, large, very broad prospects.